Some new music from 2019 in a variety of styles ---

Another Earth

Barren Fields

Early One Morning

Game On

Shifting Sands

Sunrise on Jupiter

The Waiting Game


What people have said about my music:

"... audio has been approved and has had great feedback"

"... it looked and sounded fabulous on a huge screen"

"Absolutely delightful - really lovely, thanks!"

"... and Andrew Wilson who provided a superb music score"

"Thanks for your music, it sounds really great -
very BBC'ish"

"Did I say how good we think the music is. It really does make a difference to the whole thing. It lifts it to a higher plane."

"There is nothing I want to change for the music. Everything is fine. Gives a very good mood in the film."

"You have a very polished Disney-esque orchestral style."

"Many thanks for the great work"

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Also published by Carlin Music
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