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music by ANDREW WILSON / awpMusic
music by ANDREW WILSON / awpMusic
music by ANDREW WILSON / awpMusic
music by Andrew Wilson
Music by ANDREW WILSON / awpMusic ambient electronic music from ANDREW WILSON

Exploring Moons - music composed by ANDREW WILSON © all rights reserved

Exploring Moons - new album coming soon!

Extracts from recent music in a variety of styles.

Anthem for Heroes

Blown Away

Dancing Raindrops


Misty Mornings


Stranger in Black

Poppin' Candy

The Start of Something

Steps in the Wilderness


Past Midnight


What people have said about my music:

"... audio has been approved and has had great feedback"

"... it looked and sounded fabulous on a huge screen"

"Absolutely delightful - really lovely, thanks!"

"... and Andrew Wilson who provided a superb music score"

"Thanks for your music, it sounds really great -
very BBC'ish"

"Did I say how good we think the music is. It really does make a difference to the whole thing. It lifts it to a higher plane."

"It feels like a soundtrack that is missing a film. Really impressed."

"There is nothing I want to change for the music. Everything is fine. Gives a very good mood in the film."

"You have a very polished Disney-esque orchestral style."

"Many thanks for the great work"

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Also published by Carlin Music
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